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67th Twelve Year Old All Star Game Summary

July 19, 2020



Prior to the game there was a skills competition for every 12 year old in the program.

The winners were:

            Running; Carson Kunst

            Pitching; Jimmy Gore

            Hitting; Dominic Santarelli

            Throwing Accuracy; Carson Bentz

            Home Run Derby; Dominic Santarelli defeated Mia Kozak in the finals 4-2.


Dominic Santarelli led the National League to a 19-10 win over the American League. Dominic went 4 for 5 with two home runs.


Top of 1st

Sam Aulozzi pitching;

Mia Kozak went down swinging. Andrew Dammann grounded out to first. Ethan Karmann popped up to first.


Bottom of 1st;

Chriatian Brazill pitching;

Zach Rizzo reached on an error. Sam Allozzi flied out to center. Eli Koslica was hit by a pitch. Parker Haubrich singled driving Rizzo home. Koslica scored on a wild pitch. Luke Peltier reached on an error scoring Haubrich. Briar Thoe grounded out to third.

National 3 American 0


Top of 2nd

Zach Rizzo pitching;

Carson Tanke reached on an error. Jack Schmitz & Christian Brazill walked to load the bases. Charlie Craig, Bruce McDonald, & Logan Rugg each struck out.


Bottom of 2nd;

Andrew Dammann pitching;

Austin Chalgren grounded out to third. Mason Rowlette and Zane Siltala singled. Rizzo reached on a fielders choice. Aulozzi singled home Siltala. Koslica lined out to short.

National 4 American 0


Top of 3rd;

Eli Koslica pitching;

Kozak struck out. Dammann singled. Karmann reached on a fielders choice. Tanke grounded out to the pitcher.


Bottom of 3rd

Carson Tanke pitching;

Haubrich struck out. Peltier singled. Thoe & Chalgren went down looking at strike three.

National 4 American 0


Top of 4th:

Kenny Holmes (replaced Cole McEvilla) pitching

Tucker Thillens popped out the second baseman. Mateo Miller doubled. Ethan Benzaquen & Jimmy Gore struck out.


Bottom of 4th;

Tucker Thillens pitching:

Dominic Santarelli homered. Carson Kunst singled.Berkley Kuiper struck out. Carson Bentz doubled Kunst home. Conner Schmitz reached on an error. Holmes struck out. Rugg walked. Bentz was thrown out trying to score on a passed ball.

National 6 American 0


Top of 5th

Connor Schmitz pitching;

Ian Petts singled. Lincoln Walentowski, Payton Garein, & Jayden Phillips each struck out.


Bottom of 5th

Jimmy Gore pitching;

John Bass II struck out. Ryan Corcoran walked. Santarelli singled. Kunst reached on an error scoring Corcoran. Santarelli was thrown out at the plate. Kuiper doubled scoring Kunst. Bentz grounded out.

National 8 American 0


Top of 6th

Carson Kunst pitching;

Jayden Binninger struck out. Thillens singled & scored on Miller’s double. Benzaquen hit a sacrifice fly to score Miller. Gore walked and Petts lined to short.

American 2 runs


Bottom of 6th

Mateo Miller pitching;

Connor Schmitz singled, Holmes walked. Rugg grounded out. Bass II walked & was thrown out stealing. Schmitz scored on a wild pitch. Corcoran singled scoring Holmes. Santarelli singled. Kunst doubled scoring Corcoran & Santarelli. Kuiper singled Kuntz home. Bentz struck out.

National 13 American 0


Top of 7th

Parker Haubrich pitching;

Dammann & Kozak singled. Karmann struck out. Tanke doubled scoring Dammann. Jack Schmitz tripled scoring Kozak & Tanke. Miller reached first on a dropped third strike Schmitz also scored. Thillens singled Miller home. Gore grounded out. Benzaquen reached on an error & Thillens scored. Dammann flied out to center.

American 6 runs.


Bottom of 7th;

Mia Kozak pitching;

Santarelli & Rizzo reached on errors. Aulozzi singled & Santarelli scored.  Kunst grounded out. Kuiper grounded out scoring Rizzo. Koslica grounded out.

National 15 American 8


Top of 8th

Berkley Kuiper pitching;

Kozak & Karmann walk. Tanke reaches on an error scoring Kozak. Jack Schmitz strikes out. Miller singles scoring Tanke. Thillens walks. Carson Bentz comes in to pitch. Gore grounded out.

American 2 runs.


Bottom of 8th

Jack Schmitz pitching;

Connor Schmitz walks. Bentz & Haubrich ground out. Santarelli hits a 2 run homer scoring Schmitz. Rizzo walks. Aulozzi & Kunst single scoring Rizzo. Kuiper strikes out.

National 18 American 10


Top of 9th

Dominic Santarelli pitching;

Gore singles. Benzaquen strikes out. Dammann reaches on a fielders choice. Kozak is hit by a pitch. Karmann pops out to second.


Bottom of 9th

Peltier sngled. Haubrich popped out. Corcoran & Thoe single scoring Bentz. Siltala walked. Chalgren pops out. Rugg grounded out.

National 19 American 10