34th Annual ‘Just Say No To Drugs’ Tournament


 9/10 Year old League 2020

Bracket A

Bracket B

Rocket Wash  3-0

Kutzler   4-0

Sheriff  2-1

Schlax  0-4

Cost Cutters 0-3

DeRango’s  2-2

Kenosha Tire  1-2



11/12 Year old League 2020

Bracket A

Bracket B

Madrigrano, Aiello, & Santarelli 4-0 

Lee Plumbing  1-2

Cicchini Asphalt  2-2

Spot   3-0

Super Sports  3-1

KFC  2-1

Firefighters  2-2

Limbach Chiropractic  1-2

Police  0-4

Pitts Brothers  1-2

Smet Roofing  1-3



1.      Teams will play everyone in their bracket once.

2.      For the 9/10 Bracket B

a.     They will play 4 games (Bracket A only 3 games)

b.     Each night one team will play a double header

3.      The teams with the best record in each bracket will advance to the finals.

4.      * All league rules apply In case of a tie, winners determined by;

a.      Pool record.

b.      Head to head competition.

c.      Run differential in head to head games

* Protests are not allowed