Little Leaguers of Kenosha 2021


Tournament Teams         

Candidates for these tournament teams must attend tryout dates, as well as any additional practices, and make a total commitment to all tournament dates. On June 10, 2021 players will be selected for the district tournaments (12 or 13 players only). There will be a $150.00 fee for each player who qualifies for any of the tournament teams.


Name ________________________________        Team _____________________________


 Date of birth ___________                                    Age __________________


Contact person_______________________ Relationship________________


E-mail _________________________________        Phone no._________________________


I hereby give permission for my child to be considered as a possible candidate on the Kenosha Baseball Tournament Team. I also agree that he or she is making a total commitment for all of the possible tournament dates.

________________________________                      ______________

                   Parent/guardian signature                                                        Date

Participants must attend all practices.


Bring form to the tryout