CDC Guidelines for Exposure to Coronavirus


If you have been in close contact with someone who has been diagnosed and tested positive and you have no symptoms, your quarantine can end:

  1. 10 days after their last contact without being tested.
  2. 7 days after their last contact, with a negative test result (PCR or antigen) collected on day 6 or 7.


If you tested positive:

  1. You must quarantine for 14 days.
    1. If you have no symptoms your quarantine can end.
    2. If you still have symptoms check with your health provider. You still must remain quarantined.
  2. Quarantine not required if;
    1. You where fully vaccinated within the last 3 months and have no symptoms.
    2. If you tested positive within the last 3 months and have completely recovered and have no symptoms.

If you are unsure, check with your health provider.

2021 Kenosha Little League Coronavirus Operational Plan Guidelines

These are the current guidelines (subject to change depending on any further orders from the State of Wisconsin, Kenosha County or the City of Kenosha) and parameters that the Little Leaguers of Kenosha will be following. These guidelines apply to all Little League and tournament teams.

  1. Length of the season will March 20, 2021 through approximately the end of July 2021.
  2. Practices will start April 1, 2021.
  3. Games will start April 26, 2021.
  4. Batting cages will not be open and there will be no practicing on lower fields before games.
  5. Wearing of masks is entirely up to each individual manager, coach, fan, or umpire.
  6. Hand sanitizer is available at the entrances and exits of each individual dugout.
  7. Participants shall follow the designated entrance and exit to the park, the coaches, players and spectators

should follow the signage.

  1. Individuals should not congregate in common areas or the parking lot following a game or practice.
  2. The park will have adequate trash receptacles and increase trash removal to accommodate increased


  1. Signage to be posted indicating that if you are sick, you are not allowed at the park and reminding

people of this policy and keeping a six foot social distancing. Hand washing signage is posted in the


  1. All teams are required to work with the local health department to identify potentially infected or

exposed individuals to help facilitate effective contact tracing and notification.

Players, Managers and Coaches

  1. Players will be assigned a slot in the dugout to keep their personal equipment: Helmet, glove, batting gloves, water bottle, etc.
  2. Players will place their bats in a designated spot in the bat rack.
  3. Bat bags and other bulky items must be lined up along the fence outside of the field of play by the


  1. Each player must have his/her own bat and must keep it sanitized. If a player is unable to provide

his/her own bat, the Little Leaguers of Kenosha will provide one for use during the season. The bat

must be maintained properly and returned at the end of the season.

  1. Players must keep all their personal equipment sanitized.
  2. Shared catching equipment must be sanitized by the manager after each player’s use. Personal catching

equipment must be approved and kept sanitized.

  1. Players returning to the dugout after play (defensive position, plate appearance, or base running) must

use hand sanitizer.

  1. Coaches and Players must adhere to physical six-foot distancing except when the ball is in play.
  2. Must not share water or equipment. Belongings should be used only by the individual owner including, but not limited to water bottles, gloves, bats, hats, and other on- and off-field gear subject to the limitations within these guidelines.
  3. There will be no spitting or eating seeds, gum or other similar products.
  4. Coaches shall ensure that their team is practicing 6-foot social distancing in dugouts and other seating



  1. Managers and umpire will go over the ground rules prior to the start of the game, maintaining social distancing. There will be no hand shaking...no contact.
  2. There will be a sanitizer spray in each dugout.
    1. The manager or coach is responsible for spraying all surfaces in the dugout prior to anyone


  1. The bleachers must also be sprayed by the manager.
  2. A maximum of three players will be allowed in the dugout.

4. Only two a. b. c.

The remaining players will line up on the bleachers, according to the batting order, while maintaining social distancing. There will be tape designating the area for each player to sit. A registered coach will monitor the players on the bleachers.
The coach will also assist and/or observe the player going to and returning from the dugout and the playing field to ensure social distancing.

registered coaches will be allowed on the field.
Both coaches are to be outside the dugout, observing social distancing. One coach in the entrance way of the dugout.
One coach six feet away from the other coach down the fence line.

  1. Each team will provide a ball for their respective pitcher. The manager or coach will sanitize the ball each half inning. Each team will be provided with two game balls. Either the manager or coach will be designated to handle the game balls. The game balls stay with each team and are not to be shared between the two teams.
  2. The umpire will be positioned six feet behind the pitcher and/or six feet behind the catcher.
  3. When the game is over:
    1. Players will line up along their respective base line and tip their hats to the other team (no hand shaking).
    2. All trash will be placed into the garbage can.
    3. Players will take their belongings and leave the playing field.
  4. Postgame meetings will be away from the playing field, maintaining social distancing and are

encouraged to be done virtually or over the phone rather than congregating in or around the park.


  1. All game day rules apply.
  2. Only registered coaches are allowed on the field.
  3. Spectators are to remain along the outfield fence.
  4. Make sure dugouts and diamonds are locked up properly.
  5. Secure the restrooms.


  1. If you and/or child are not feeling well and are experiencing any of these symptoms: fever, chills, muscle pain, sore throat, shortness of breath, new loss of taste or hearing, vomiting, diarrhea, etc., you must stay home and notify your manager.
  2. If anyone in your household tests positive for the coronavirus, you are to notify the manager, as well the league, ASAP. Before, your child is able to return to play, a release order from your physician is required.
  3. Fans must follow social distancing (six feet apart), unless you are a family.
  4. Fans must stay away from the players lined up outside the dugout.
  5. Fans are to remain in the designated outfield areas and away from the coaches and players.
  6. Fans are not allowed on bleachers. Bleachers will be used exclusively for the players.
  7. No one, except Little Leaguers of Kenosha personnel, is allowed in the clover area surrounding the

concession stand, unless they are going to use the restroom. This area will be roped off and the

concession stand closed.

  1. In the event that Little Leaguers of Kenosha wants to open the concession stand additional protocols will

be taken to ensure the safety of all players, coaches and spectators.

  1. There will be no spitting or eating seeds, peanuts, gum or other similar products.
  2. Little Leaguers of Kenosha is working on a format to stream the games so that spectators have the

ability to watch the games without being at the park. When the details are completed, the details will be shared with the league.


  1. Restrooms. Only 2 people are allowed in the restroom at any one time. Remember to wash your hands.
  2. Signage. Signs will be placed around the park reminding people to practice social distancing.
  3. Public Service Announcements (P.S.A.). On game days and when we are able to make announcements,

a board member will broadcast a reminder to all of the players and spectators to follow these guidelines.

  1. Crowd Control. The schedule will allow extra time in time between games and practices to reduce the

crowds and limit interactions. Players and guests should arrive at the field at a time prior to the

designated practice or game in an effort to minimize the number of people at the park at one time.

  1. Little Leaguers of Kenosha will maintain a complete list of coaches, players, and volunteers present at

each event to include the date, beginning and ending time of the event. Include everyone’s name, address and phone contact to be made available upon request from the local health department.


Evaluations/Team Assignments

  1. With practices starting June 8 and an already shortened season, it is important for those required to attend the evaluations so teams can be assigned and practices can start timely.
  2. An evaluation for all new 7/8 year-old players will be held on Saturday, June 6, 2020 from 1-3 p.m. at the Dr. James Santarelli Sports Complex.
  3. An evaluation for all tournament teams will be held on Sunday, June 7, 2020. The times will be staggered for 9-12 to allow the fields to clear and the next age group to attend to limit the number of people at the park at any given time. Details will follow on specific times for each designated age group.

“Red Hat”

1. A “Red Hat” board member will be enforcing these regulations at each game and from time to time during practices.

The Little Leaguers of Kenosha is most concerned for the health and safety of all...managers, coaches, umpires, players, and fans. Thank you for your patience as we work through this process.